1180 It Can’t Rain Forever.

The website is doing weird shit and being all slow, which is really abnormal. It ate the first time I tried to post this and I don’t feel like writing what little I wrote again.

They had a whole thing of reduced price WWE DVDs at Walmart the other day. Two fucking weeks after Xmas… Dicks. Anyway, it’s stuff that was, like, thirty bucks six years ago, which was about the last time I gave a shit. Of course the teen grew up on that, so she wanted the whole display. Strangely enough she and my friend nick love wrestling and a lot of the same guys (for very different reasons) so the two DVDs she chose were two I remembered Nick buying when they were new. XD


“Rain drops keep falling on my head”

I don’t remember the source material for this at all. That being said, I can only hear the orc shaman from WarCraft III saying this.

I believe that the 1st one to make the ‘raindrops’ song is Burt B..

Here’s a quote from wikipedia-

“Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head” is a song written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David for the 1969 film Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.”

Suddenly wishing it was raining right now. I gotta admit, the feeling of raindrops pouring on top of your head feels really nice.

Anyone else wish that Jo’s white shirt was as wet as her hair in the last panel, or is it just me? It can’t just be me.

Also, she looks great with wet hair. Pleasteletthisbehernewhairasasymbolofgrowthorsomethinglikethat

Ahh the purifying power of rain.
(*I have reread this a few times now, and each time I can only interpret that last panel as “and for once, I feel clean…”. I think somethings broke up in my headcase. :/ )

I’m not one to complain about these sort of things normally but you gotta put up a new vote incentive. I keep clicking on that Brooksie because because it’s my favorite picture of her that you’ve done so far and I keep not getting more Brooksie!

I have to agree, anyone know how to make that into a wallpaper shot. I’m not normaly intrested in the cutise types, but the way you write and draw Brooksie just makes it worth while.

Also what is so special about the 8 on her shirt? I must be a little dence or something.

Please keep writting and posting this strip, it’s GREAT.

And lastly, as it seems a number of us would like that shot for wallpaper, would it be possable to buy a copy of the pic?

If you look back at the earliest strips, you’ll notice that each character is associated with a number (I want to say ‘different number’, but it’s not true. One number is repeated, I forget which.) A character’s number shows up inside their ear. Over time, this became more subtle as the art improved, but never truly went away.

I’ve been on vacation mode for the last couple of weeks, Crave. The last time I played ACNL was probably on Christmas day, and I time traveled the crap out of my game. I’m tempted to do it some more, but I might also just eat the time passed. I kind of don’t want to do that because I might have gotten a new villager in my town.

Anyway, I’ll probably turn off the wireless while I do this if I decide to go ahead and run time back. I’ll pretty much just do snowmen, fossils, and pitfall seeds.

As a side note, I wasn’t doing pitfall seeds for a long time because I had one planted near my caution sign. When I let you in my town that one time, you found it and moved it. IT GOT ME! So, ever since then, I’ve been stockpiling. I’ll probably just put them all at my caution sign.


I also thought I was going to actually be giving the gifts for toy day, so I have a gift for all of my villagers. Little did I know Tingle… Tingle’s not right…. Jingle! Jingle was the one who actually had the presents, and all I had to do was get them to the right villager.

Oddly enough, I actually got the same gifts as Jingle for about half of my villagers.

At any rate, I still have the Spooky set lying on the ground outside of my train station for you. The villagers are complaining about the mess. I’ll have to get you to pick it up pretty soon.

So I’m re-reading the whole thing out of boredom…
…get to this page…

….and wish she’d put that hood back on. She’s a knife up her sleeve from requiring a Creed. (She’d likely pass the stealth test of the Assassins with little effort, too…)

I’m getting a serious Assassin’s Creed vibe from Brooksie… That hoodie isn’t helping any… or the fact that she can blend with little to no effort…

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