1156 It’s Me, Carol.

Had a dream the other day. I was driving my old pickup down some backroads after it had rained pretty heavily. It was still overcast and sprinkley. It was a place I’ve been before, but I don’t remember where exactly it is now. I think it’s a place where the road runs along the Arkansas river. There are trees lining it pretty heavily. As I’m driving along I notice a minivan parked halfway down a slope that would normally lead to the bank of the river. Since it’s been raining however it’s partially submerged. There’s a woman sleeping in the driver’s seat. I guess that the water rose so slowly, and since the area is sheltered from the current, she didn’t notice her vehicle being filled. She’s not really in danger, so I just kind of drive by. She’s going to have a really rude awakening in a few minutes by the look of things though. There’s no place to turn around so I drive for a little ways until I come to a crossing. Then I decide to go back and see if she needs a ride, since her van will at least be stuck until the water subsides. By the time I get back the water is just starting to touch the back of her seat. The incline is pretty steep so she’s leaning back quite a bit and I’ll have to actually wade into the water to wake her up, which I don’t want to do. The rising water is about to take care of that for me, so I just wait it out. When it reaches her butt she freaks out. Totally startled and flailing for a few long, and hilarious, moments before she sorts herself out. Eventually she notices me sitting there and wades over to the road. She walks over to the truck and I ask if she needs a ride. She starts in asking me why I didn’t wake her up and whatnot. I ask her why she parked her van on a river bank during a rainstorm. She doesn’t have a good answer because it’s clearly in the top 3 stupidest moves you can make in a downpour. I ask her if she needs a ride again and she grudgingly accepts. I tell her to wait a minute while I get my emergency blanket from the back. I turn away from the truck as I’m handing it to her and ask where she needs to go. While she’s telling me I turn back around and the truck is rapidly shrinking until it’s the size of my shoe. Disbelief no longer suspended I think “Damnit, this is a fucking dream…” and wake up. Dorothy is kicking my legs with all four of her paws in her sleep.


I’ve never read a Judy Blume novel.

Neither have I, but I take an interest in the world around me, so I can connect with people who are different from me. Wikipedia really speeds things up.

Being trans, Are You There God, Its Me, Margaret was a cherished book. Few things gave me the chance to peer in at the side of the fence I should have been on. :) Her books are pretty great, and will let kids experience things most novels wouldn’t risk or do well. There’s reasons she’s high on contested/banned book lists, and like many, it is a huge credit to her and her love of her medium and of her target audience.

Which is why I felt safe choosing her for this page because practically everyone has heard of her books.

I haven’t… Wait a minute… Ramona Quimby? Hold on, I need to check Wikipedia or something to see if we’re talking about the same person.

Nope. Not sure I’ve heard of Judy Blume, then. At least not until now.

So crave I see your subconscious doesn’t want you to have anything to do with women either huh? Bummer.

I don’t know about that. I do know I’m afraid of murky water, and fast moving water. A muddy, rain swollen, river meets both of my water fear criteria.

Oddly enough, my fear dreams usually always have alligators. Even last week, I had a dream that some people were driving in a muddy area. I walked up to the ledge of a precipice that had a drop of about 20 feet. I was safe, until the precipice gave away.

The mud was sticky, and I had my back against the wall with gators in front of me after a 20 foot fall. I think I was about as annoyed as I was scared.

I used to have fear dreams with large insects. They were about as large as my adult clenched fists. I’m actually not afraid of insects anymore. I also recently had a dream with large insects, too, but I was drawn to them out of curiosity.

I’m glad that Carol is one of the people that Brooksie feels she can talk to. I mean, Nina is great, but Carol is tops in the get-your-head-together department. She’s been there, done that.

When it comes to Labrador Retrievers, Chocolate is definitely my favorite flavor. I’ve known some cool yellow and black Labs, but somehow the brown ones seem to have the best personalities, IMPE. My Cami (probably half Australian Cattle Dog) never barks or howls, except in her sleep. She has waken me up that way several times since she came here in March.

Have you seen that comic- golden lab, black lab, chocolate lab, meth lab with the spazzed out lab? Very cute. We have a black lab, so we relate.

In re: Your dream. As Freud once said “Sometimes a minivan is just a minivan.” Fast moving water can be scary, especially when you’re in it and, in my case, nearly drowned.

Got me feeling warm and fuzzy… The world needs more like Carol… and Jo… and Nina … and (maybe in small doses, haha) Jess …

Ah, I read comic about fail at college. I disappointed because my high school told my mother about me, about my iq is 95. Awkward,

IQ schmique. Having a high IQ can help one perform a bunch of jobs, but it says nothing about how good you are as a person, nor how mature. Be the best person you can be with the abilities you have, and handle your disappointments and frustrations with grace and a desire to improve, and you will be a better person than nearly every rocket scientist that I’ve met.

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