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I am terrible at Halo. From day one, no matter how much I played I was terrible. Multiplayer, single player, lowest difficulty setting, I suck. Which is a shame because I liked the narrative. I finished Halo on the easiest difficulty somehow. I only made it half way through 2. After that I stopped buying the games because I knew I’d never play them. At some point I heard they were making an RTS game, but I never paid much attention and lost track of it over time. I remembered that it existed the other day, randomly, and think I’ll see if a person can still find a copy. As far as the story goes I think I’m just going to have to see if people have posted the high points on youtube, or something.

I’m on an RTS kick because I realized the new PC can play games from several years ago at their max settings, which I’ve never been able to do, so I installed Warcraft 3. I am also terrible at W3. I like making units and wandering around, but eventually the whole thing stalls out and I can’t defeat the other teams. Even when the computer is set to easy they somehow take my fully upgraded fighters down with ease. In spite of this I keep playing. Starcraft, in contrast, I can play relatively well. As long as I’m playing as Terran. I find the other teams annoying, so I never really learned how to play them. Of course I’m still terrible at Starcraft by the standards of people who play constantly, but I just like making the little guys and wandering around. Almost ever game I actually win ends with me just making starships. I’m not much of a tactician. Once I have my primary base established I hold the line. Kirahee style.