888 Carolina.


I don’t suppose many people will be confused by Thomas’s last line, but by tax form he means a W2. A tax form he wouldn’t have normally seen, but the store being what it is he saw the paperwork she filled out that lead to a W2. So he didn’t literally see the form itself. This is a completely useless bit of information, but I did think about it. I saw a lot of papers i shouldn’t have in my retail times. It wasn’t even a matter of security. People just can’t be bothered to put things away properly.

This is one of those scenes that I wrote a very long time ago. So long, in fact, that I wasn’t sure I hadn’t drawn it already. As far as I can remember Carol has never stated her full name, and the only way a person would know that Thomas’s name is J. Thomas is if they look at the cast page. I don’t think he’s ever said anything about it.

People are funny about names. I think it comes from that old superstition that if someone knows your whole name they can work magic on you. At this point it’s more likely they’d try to steal your identity, but whatever. I’ve known people for years and years without learning their proper names. I’m actually more likely to remember someone as their net handle than their right name. Probably because I’ve known about a hundred Brians, but only one Manekochan.

There is actually a pattern to the names I’ve chosen for some of the characters, but no one has ever properly figured it out. They get as far as the most obvious things, pat themselves on the back for their extreme cleverness, and leave the real mystery unsolved. The only person I ever told literally took that information to her grave.