1293 Our Story.


I wrapped up the conversation on the roof pages today and can’t for the life of me find where I put the script for the next part. I know what is supposed to happen, but I had some good words already planned. I’ve checked all my notes and just can’t find them. Unfortunately I think they’ve just been lost. Deleted on accident, or overwritten. Perhaps lost in an update. Who can say. Regardless, it’s always a shame when you remember a ghost of the idea you already had. A lot of the time as soon as I write something down my brain frees up that space for new things and that information is dumped. It’s kind of like in Last Crusade when Henry tells Indiana he has the diary so he wouldn’t have to remember the location of the Grail. Of course, since I can’t exactly remember what I wrote I might write something better. I’LL NEVER KNOW! DX

My PC has started randomly forgetting/deleting/losing/I don’t know what my tablet drivers. On startup sometimes they just aren’t there. I have to reinstall them and then the computer remembers what does what. I hope this isn’t some kind of weird ass cascading failure. I mean, this system was built specifically to make digital art on. If it suddenly can’t do that then all it’s good for is talking to anyone on the planet who has a similar device and having access to the sum of all human knowledge and lies. What good is that? Hopefully someone somewhere has also sent reports about this to Microsoft and their squirrels in suits are scrambling to help the many, many, artists out there struggling to get by. I know we’re a top priority. He said, including himself, perhaps, where he aught not. X3

I really worry about my drawscreen becoming obsolete to the point where I can’t use it anymore. A person can’t just randomly drop the cash for one of these things anytime. That goes triple for an artist, generally speaking. People are trained almost from birth to simultaneously venerate and devalue art and artists. It’s one of the weirdest things that happens in the life of an artist. When you’re in school, or whatever, people are fucking mesmerized by your art, even if it’s painfully amateur usually. The second you suggest your work has a dollar value though… people flip their shit. Of course there are those who actually value artwork, but they are rare gems from the perspective of an artist. Which is not to say that I don’t understand the desire to get a good deal on work. You want to find a happy place between seller and buyer. Maybe it’s the subjectivity of art that makes this harder. I dunno. Anyway, I just fear the potential loss of my tool and the income it generates, especially in light of the YEARS it took to get to that point. I used to think buying ink, paper, and that was expensive…

On the bright side, having to constantly tweak my setting has at least caused my lines to look nicer. At least I think so. I haven’t messed with them in ages since for the longest time minor changes seemed to have no noticeable effect on line quality. Now there is one. Maybe you guys will notice.

As long as I’m at this, how many of you are artists, writers, or creators? In your spare time, or whatever. I’m curious about how many of you are art students, or animation students, and what your expectations are for the future. Also, I feel like there’s a lot of art isolation going on in my world…

Oh. I just remembered the scripting I forgot.