887 Stranger Danger.


So yeah, I don’t remember it very well, but I had a dream where I was going to every Asian restaurant in town with Jeffrey Tambor. He was the manager of a grocery store. It was a very pointless dream.

I got 3 stars on every track in Mario Kart 7. It was a little disappointing that nothing was unlocked from doing it. I still don’t have all the Kart modifications. Which is fine, I guess. Just another reason to keep playing. Not that I needed one particularly.

I’ve been doing the swapnote thing, but haven’t unlocked a bunch of stuff. If you guys have a 3DS you’re welcome to add me. I don’t recall many people saying anything about it. 3909-7997-3526 Mostly I draw notes about Bear. My net is still shitty so I’m almost never able to connect to play Mario Kart.

I really want to see that new Ghibli cartoon, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to wait till the DVD.