1640 O.F.F.S.


It doesn’t happen very often for me, but it’s very difficult to look someone in the eye and say “I don’t have feelings for you.” It may not even be that you have no feelings. Maybe they’re just not as strong, or not quite the same, or maybe you just don’t quite understand the nature of what you’re feeling. You just know that what you feel and what they feel doesn’t seem to match up. But you know it hurts to be told any version of that, and you feel bad for them, and maybe a little for you for not feeling that way too, so you can’t bring yourself to just say it. It may even be that you don’t love them romantically, but you don’t want them to quit you. It’s all very complex and irritating if you’re the kind of person who empathizes a little too much with others. Some people understand that it’s better yo do something unpleasant fast and start the healing quickly, or just don’t care about the other party involved, and just do the deed when it needs to be done. Of course you can also tell someone you don’t have feelings for them and they act like they believe you, but really they think you just need time to come around, or you don’t mean it, or you feel like you can’t admit your true feelings for them.
No matter how you slice it up human interaction is generally a pain in the ass for everyone involved. Except for sociopaths. They just bop through life not feeling any empathy. But this comic is not for sociopaths. I welcome those who try to read it, but I don’t think you’re going to have the emotional depth to appreciate it. Then again maybe you can use it to learn how to ape human emotion enough to better fool others. If you happen to be a sociopath who reads the comic I urge you not to become a serial killer. It will make people sad. I know you don’t understand the pain of others in a meaningful way, but it will likely end badly for you.
That’s right sociopaths, I’m looking out for you too.

I’ve been feeling a little sick on and off. I thought maybe I had a fever at one point, but I’m not sure. I’ve just been feeling a little sick to my stomach from time to time and hot in that way that you do when you’re starting to get sick, but it hasn’t rolled over to actually being sick. When stuff like this happens I always worry about my bad foot because this is what it felt like when the infection that messed it up in the first place started. It just felt like I was getting sick. Also, when it start to feel sick my foot tends to swell a little which makes me worry. Of course virtually anything I do makes it do that, but I need to do something just to try and keep my weight under control. I’ve been trying to walk enough to actually lose weight, but the foot always protests. Basically I always feel like I’m at war with the damn thing now. At some point I’m going to get the toenails burnt off. Maybe that will help. I can’t imagine having the toe fungus helps anything that’s for certain. Then again the damage of that procedure might make things flare up. Who can say really? In any event I’m far tired of the bullshit getting sick has caused over the last two years and how much it has crippled my ability to function properly on any level.
Of course it has forced me to find ways to keep doing things even though I feel bad, so it has, as the saying goes, made me stronger.