1639 Ways And Means.


I have no idea what she would show him at this point that he hasn’t seen already. I guess we’ll all have to trust in her prowess on this one and be glad I don’t actually have to find something. X3

As far as I know my grandmother is fine. I’ve been given no further information which generally means everything is okay. Facebook used to be a reliable source for that sort of information but now it picks and chooses what it wants me to see, seemingly at random, so it no longer serves the purpose for which it was originally employed. At this point a text would be more efficient as long as I send it at a time the parties concerned aren’t asleep. I’ve been sleeping at weird times so the two times have not lined up. In any case, no news is good news.

I keep falling asleep in ways that make my hands go numb, which wakes me up and have weird dreams. I don’t know why I’ve suddenly started sleeping like that, but maybe it’s the cold. I have always tended to fold myself up in my sleep and possibly more so when I’m cold. I keep trying to get my sleep pattern aligned with regular people hours but it just keeps shifting like some kind of insane wheel. Still, it’s better than not sleeping at all which is what I was doing before this.

I’ve misplaced my little Lego C3P0 and R2-D2 and it’s driving me mad. As far as I remember they were with all my other Star Wars guys but I seem to have misplaced them at some point. I’ve been through ever container over and over looking for them to no avail. It’s not like I really need them but knowing I don’t know where they are annoys me. In addition to this I can’t remember if I had two little containers that I kept the stuff in or one. If it’s two than I’ve managed to lose one, though that would practically be impossible. I honestly can’t remember how many of the little containers I have anymore. I’m almost certain it was two, but I can’t actually prove it. That uncertainty is truly vexing on multiple levels. not least of which that it makes me feel like my mind is failing me. XD