952 Happy To See You.


The first version if this didn’t have the last panel, but I just couldn’t let go of Thomas being goofy.

If you were paying attention to twitter yesterday you may have seen a few pics in the feed of my older games. I’ve kept nearly every scrap of paper that ever came with a video game, which is why I’m glad they don’t come with much now. XD I only kept them all becasue I didn’t realize that they would just keep selling the same games to me, over and over, for the next two decades. Of course the various versions have been hit and miss for some games. The Final Fantasy ports for the GBA had improved translations, but the music was not as good, and the ending didn’t synce properly. It was really dissapointing when I got to the ends and the cutscenes were off. The music was fine on the PS1, but the ending was out of sync. The DS remake of Final Fantasy 4 was essentially a new beast, so it was reset to its own standard, of course I can’t remember the ending for it. I remember the 16 bit version that I played a hundered times. With Chrono Trigger I remember both versions. I think the problem with the DS upgrades is that they are a little too N64. Polygons are not my prefered graphics choice. I even remember Final Fantasy 7 in a sort of imagined anime version that does not fit with the actual imagery. I looked it over again a while back and was like “Is my PS1 broken? Why is this so shitty?” At the time it seemed so perfect… Memory improves a lot of stuff. Kind of like how I remember all webcomics in the art style they are using now.

I save games the way other people save books, and in many ways the games I like are just novels you play. The first time I played through Final Fantasy 3 (6) I had no idea who Kefka was when he really started causing trouble. I hadn’t been paying attention, so when he popped up it was like “Who’s this d-bag?” The next time I played I was aware of him and things made a lot more sense. He was always in the background, being a dick, and somehow he escaped my notice. I was more concerned with the intertwining plots of 14 some odd other characters.

The GBA port actually cleared up some of the vague points of the plot through more accurate translation, and the chance for seeing all of Shadow’s dreams was higher, so I finally got to see the legendary 4th one after hours upon hours of trying on the SNES.

I played through the better part of Actraiser today. It only took about an hour since I know exactly how to do stuff. When I was a kid it took me forever to beat that game. I probably could have beaten it, but I finally got too sleepy to keep playing. I saw Arino challenge it on Game Center CX and it made me want to play it again. Also I wanted to see what the hell was wrong with Arino on that one, because I remember the action parts being super easy and he struggled for hours with them. I actually died a few times from being too cavalier about things, but I guess I’m just better at Actraiser than him. Of course he was able to finish Ghouls & Ghosts (more or less) so he has me there. I hate those games… I’m not real fond of Contra either, but I finished it too.

Basically watching Game Center got me to dig out all the games I have that Arino has challenged. Legend Of The Mystical Ninja (Goemon 2 I think.), Actraiser, Castlevania 3, ect, ect. I forget exactly what all I have. Castlevania 3 is still crazy hard, but I’m still better at it than him. XD The fucking owls were just as big a pain in the ass for both of us though. Cheap bastards. I’ve beaten C3 with every possible partner and without having any. I’m fairly sure i’ve played every possible path and combination of paths too. I still think a Symphony Of The Night upgrade is in order for C3, but I doubt such a thing is likely. Konami seems to have moved on from that style of play finally. I hope I’m wrong, but Lords Of Shadow does not seem to bode well for the classic style Castlevanias.

Goemon was just a hard as I remember. That game is evil. Everything that happens just dicks you over without mercy. That said, I have had the pleasure of playing the entire game in co op mode. We cheated, but it’s super hard. I wouldn’t tolerate that level of difficulty in a game anymore. I like to have fun when I’m not working… Actually that’s not stricktly true. If the gameplay is good enough i will tolerate that level of difficulty, but it has to be really fun. Such games are still produced…

Anyway, that game collection is part of why I have a problem with expensive downloads of old games. I still have them. I feel like I shouldn’t have to buy them again. I know this is unreasonable. The draw of playing old games on new systems does draw me in every so often. I mean, I had to have Punch Out on the DS. I wanted it on a handheld for SO LONG. Even though I’ve never been past Sandman. Now I need Super Punch Out…