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I really need to start taking notes about what I want to talk about again. My brain cannot be trusted to remember that sort of thing anymore. There’s just too much going on all the time knocking out the previous subjects. The problem is that I end up thinking about things I don’t want to discuss publically. Which really means something considering what I will talk about.

I finally watched Captain America: Civil War. It was good. I enjoyed it. The new Spider-Man is the best version so far in film. At least for that short period.

I’ve been watching videos by Red Letter Media. If you’re not familiar with them they do really detailed… Reviews I guess you’d call them, and analysis, of movies. They are particularly known for long ones about Star Wars. “Mr Plinket” if you want to look them up. Anyway, they really go over thing thoroughly. As far as I know they don’t make movies, but it seems like kind of a waste. Since they seem to know every possible way to improve a film it seems like that’s what they should be doing. There’s a word for people who do that, but I forget what it is. Punching up a script is the slang anyway. There’s a lot of people who review movies out there, but these dudes in particular actually articulate ways to solve the issues. Of course it’s too late by the time they get there, but if you asked them before you finished you could solve a lot of problems.
It strikes me as funny when they don’t agree on what the problem is, or argue about subjective stuff. One of them always seems really taken aback that the others don’t believe exactly what they do. Anyway, if you’re interested in the nuts and bolts of film you could do worse than watch a few of their videos. Cheaper than taking a class, and since it seems like the people who are actually making movies don’t know how it’s probably the better option in general.

It’s been so cold that even my room, the hottest one in the house usually, is freezing cold. I actually like being cold, but I’ve found out that there’s a point where I get cold enough that my body begins to react the exact same way as when I’m too hot. It was a pretty surprising experience. I was playing Splatoon and suddenly I realized it. My body didn’t give me the signals that I was getting too cold. Suddenly I just was. I had to quit playing and warm myself because I completely lost my ability to play. It’s just weird to suddenly be so cold you can’t function without at least shivering, or something. Now I’m making a point to be aware of the temperature so it doesn’t sneak up on me again. Even now I can tell the room is getting too cold. Unfortunately the heating vent is way under my bed so opening or closing it is a fucking trial. Maybe I’ll just open the door and let some warm air in for a bit… The regulation of temperature takes up far too much of my time anymore.

In case you’re a praying kind of person, and need something to pray about, my grandma is gonna have surgery tomorrow and might lose her leg if it goes bad. So see if anything can be done about that, okay? Thanks.