658 Unique Item.


Okay, first of all, here is the best picture I could get of that spider.  It was a windy day, but I think it’s the very same one.

I think if you click on the image you see the full size version of it.  I made it small so that people who get queasy  about spiders  won’t have to see it very good. (well?)  It had a net strung up between two plants.

Anyway, I had a dream where a girl was accusing me of plagiarizing an episode of Futurama in my comic.  Except it was an episode that doesn’t exist, and the comic in question didn’t have anything to do with Futurama in any way.  I actually saw the episode in my dream, but I don’t remember enough of it to tell you what it was about.  I only know it was a Zoidberg episode.