659 Saotome School.


You know what I don’t have that I think would be cool to have?  A can of green Play-Doh.  Proper green, not half a can of yellow and blue mixed.

I’m not sure how long I’ve had the cans of Play-Doh I keep on my desk.  They are new enough that the kid isn’t on the can.  Actually I have 2 older cans that still have the Playschool logo and the Tonka copyright, but the contents have…  evolved into something other than Play-Doh.  I’m not sure, but I think at least one of them might be a biohazard at this point.

One of them was my sister’s at some point.  I can tell because the lid has pen scribbles all over it.  She went through a ballpoint phase where many of her things gained alterations, shall we say?  I’m not sure how I inherited it.  Most likely she discarded it and I claimed it.

I honestly can’t remember how I ended up with the newer cans.  They must have been in some kind of Halloween set because the colors are orange. black, blue, and yellow.  I almost have to have bought them on a whim.  I did a lot of that sort of thing at one point.

Anyway, I like to squish the stuff aimlessly when I’m not focused on anything.  I guess it’s stress relief.  Actually molding stuff out of it is no good.  Detail is too hard to gain, or maintain.