660 Get Over Here.


Now that I’ve started making pages whatever size I want it’s easier to go back, even just before it goes live, and add in stuff I wasn’t sure I wanted in the first place.  Or just redo a page so it looks more like how I wanted.  The above is an example.  The way it was before made the scene seem stilted to me, like some dialogue was missing.  Now it transitions like I think it should when read in series.

This page, for some reason, actually stressed the RAM on my system.  I’m not sure why.  I’ve done this size before no problem, but I had to restart in the middle of this one to get resources back from something.  I’m not sure what.  Probably iTunes…  I haven’t had a page give me the RAM warning in over a year at least.  In any event, I got it to fill and flatten properly in the end.

I had some weird dreams the last few days.  In one I was hanging out with a guy I used to work for.  We were driving in some fields near a river.  I don’t know why.   He was ranting about something and accidentally drove into the water.  Then he had to try and back out before the van sunk.  Against all odds he managed it.  Which may have been why I woke up because as I was coming out I was thinking that there was no way what he’d done was physically possible.

In another dream I was trying to thwart some vampires from stealing the corpses of saints from various underground temples and what have you.  I’m not even sure why they wanted them now.  All I remember was stepping into a big underground crypt and seeing that the tomb was compromised.  It was kind of constructed like a Colosseum.  The vampires were standing one level up from the tomb mocking me, and I was making some type of “I’ll get you next time” speech.  I had a really cool coat.  The vampires were, like, 90s style ones.  The main guy was a pretty boy with dark wavy hair, and he wore a denim jacket and brown pants.