727 One More Time.


Whenever the weather gets snowy my net service gets slow. I don’t know why for sure. Seems to me like the cold should make everything superconductive and faster than ever, but that is not the science, I guess. Even now I wonder if this page will take once I click schedule…

I got some more The Real Ghostbusters DVD sets for Christmas and have been slowly watching them. With a lot of shows from when you are a kid they don’t hold up so well. Transformers, for me, is much better in my memory that it is when I rewatch it. Gen 1 early seasons more so than later on, but still… Ghostbusters, however, is still pretty fantastic. It wasn’t really dumbed down for kids. A lot of the shows deal with relatively deep concepts. I’m not saying they’re beyond criticism, but they hold up very well.

The voice acting is also fantastic, which helps. Maurice LaMarche (Kiff from Futurama) as Egon stands out particularly, but the whole cast, even after the later casting changes, is great. Frank Welker, best known to me as G1 Megatron, is Ray & Slimer. Early on Arsinio Hall is Winston. Anyway, they all do a fine job of acting, which helps sell the humor, which is often sarcastic. So it wouldn’t work very well if they didn’t sell it vocally.

The long and short of it is that at least one thing from my childhood is still awesome AS IT WAS and not just in my memory.