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I was feeling more or less okay for quite some time, but the other day I started feeling run down & it’s been getting progressively worse. I’m not sure if it’s my bed, or my Cpap, or a third thing, but it’s something. I’ve been researching medical grade silicone so I can make custom masks for my face. It’s a shame that my health care should be left to my own DIY efforts, but welcome to America, I guess. I’m not the only person doing it either. There are specific reviews under products I’ve looked at where people outline their own experiments with customizing cpap supplies. The bill for one round of supplies is about $300, which is absolute robbery. Since the insurance system is totally fucked I don’t know, from month to month what it will pay for anymore because they change their terms seemingly at random now. Recently I needed to prove that I was using my device properly & the company in charge of that, which has been doing it without any trouble at all for 2 years, suddenly forgot how to read my machine from the internet & told me to send them the memory card… It’s a slowly deteriorating circus.
In any case, making molds of stuff and sculpting is actually what I studied in college so I have the skills required to do this stuff. Make a casting of my face, pour the gell over the parts, the whole thing. I may have to make a vacuum chamber, but that’s not particularly complex. I just need the materials.
Unfortunately I think my machine might be getting ready yo fail. It seems weaker & doesn’t seem to know how to automatically adjust itself anymore. Dorothy knocked it onto the floor a couple weeks ago & it think it might have gotten slightly damaged. At minimum that’s am $800 expense if it actually does malfunction. I don’t trust my insurance to take care of any of that.
I’ve contacted a couple of companies to see if any of their products are reactive with certain kinds of plastics, but haven’t gotten a response. I’m suspecting they don’t actually know for sure. The silicon should be fine, but the molding glue I’m not sure about. I got a sample of skins safe formula & I may just have to sacrifice some of it to the gods to see what happens.
In any case it’s all a big hassle, but this is the reality we’re stuck with for the time being. On some level it actually very interesting and fun because I like playing with this stuff. I’ve always been a tinkerer at heart.