1563 I Hope You Slept Well.


Ever since someone showed me how many characters from One Piece are based on real people I haven’t been able to unsee Franky as Jim Carrey. Of course he’s like a much better version of Jim Carrey, but still. I already knew that several characters were based on famous Japanese actors, and they are way more obvious than a lot of the others, but I was surprised that some of the main cast were too. Anyway, I only bring it up because Rulette has a Franky figure on her workspace. Anyway, look it up if you want to see who looks like who. It’s neat.

My grandpa has been in the hospital to have his knee replaced. It’s been a real trial for him, and the family in general. They got the thing replaced,( which I made the mistake of looking up video of) but he got a staph infection. So it’s kind of lame. Anyway, he’s in the hospital he used to work at now, so he’ll get special care because they all love him. My grandpa is very loveable.

This was the first week I had all the pages for this week done last week. I can’t even remember the last time I almost had a real buffer. It’s a nice feeling. I still have to get the anniversary poster done, and other stuff, but it’s progress.