1230 It Displeases Me.


I’ve been in charge of the Teen for a few days now. Because of this she is in the room with me now because she doesn’t want to be alone while I work. I’m using this moment to talk about here without telling her. HAHAHAHAHAHA! I have the new season of Community on to keep her docile. It’s working at the moment, but who can say how long I actually have.

I don’t know if any of you guys pay attention to comic book crap. I don’t really but I’ve been made aware of some of it in the Transformers continuity by way of Tumblr. There’s a whole debate going on about gender, which I can’t bring myself to give a fuck about. I did, however download the first Windblade issue in the series that seems to be causing the angry talking. It was fine, but the whole thing is a little hard to parse out and not a good jumping on point.

I chose that issue because Comixology changed its store in Apple products and they gave users a credit. Which is a whole other comic nerd argument.