628 Last Unicorn.


I had a strange dream the other night. Strange for me anyway. It was basically an alternate take on the Naruto manga. Several key points hadn’t happened so the outcome of the Shippuden stuff was all mixed around. I can’t remember it all clearly, but the last thing I saw was a fight between Naruto and Sasuke taking place in the school. Naruto was using techniques that were modified because of the alternate story my brain had devised, but Sasuke was basically fighting like he does after the stuff with Orochimaru that I just realized I shouldn’t spoil in case any of you ever read it. One major difference was that the battle with Pain never took place, nor any of the stuff leading up to it. As far as I could tell Naruto never learned the frog sage technique and was naving a really difficult time with Sasuke. It all took place in a style that was animated to look more like the comics rather than the super plastic way the cartoon look, especially in the later episodes. Weird, huh?