403 Head Of The Order.


I did a whole bunch of pages and forgot to draw Brooksie’s hair clip.  I’ve been working really late at night and have been making more and more little mistakes.  The kind of thing that can slip right by until fresh eyes see them.  I even forgot Reggie’s name tag in a few pages, then forgot to publish the edited files.  Then I drew Ed as a pygmy marmoset for several pages…  The upside to that kind of mistake is that once you make one, and have to fix it, you don’t forget again for a long time.  It’s like burning your hand.  The sting stays with you.

I also accidentally left out a big chunk of stuff I scripted.  So I had to go back and make pages out of order, which I try never to do.  I almost cut it all out, but I couldn’t think of a way to introduce the information that would make sense.  I thought I had all my shit together for after Christmas, but maybe not so much…

On the up side, the website paid for itself.  At least one of my goals for last year was successful.  You’re all stuck with me for a while longer.  Thanks for all the help.  :D