402 It Implies A Work Ethic.


This is one of those pages where I wonder, at various points during construction, if anyone else will “get it”.  Time has proven to me that I cannot judge what people will, or won’t, enjoy or understand.  So now I tend to just wing out whatever spills onto the Wacom.  Anyway, the Zero to Fucked scale hasn’t been set in stone, and honestly doesn’t make sense.  Still, it’s my favorite method of deciding how much trouble I’m in at any given time.

So I downloaded all that stuff on my Wii, right?  Well there’s not a lot of space inside a Wii, so I was worried that I might need to free some with an SD card.  They had some cheap ones at one Wal-Mart I went to, but my Mom told me that they were clearanced at a different store, so I didn’t get one.  Of course when Mom checked the other place they didn’t have any at all.  Which sucked, but the memory card isn’t a priority at this point.  Anyway, while she was looking for the memory card Mom found out that one of the guys who work in electronics died in a car accident.  Now, it’s not like I knew the guy, but it was weird to find out.  He was one of the background characters in my life.  If he was just gone one day I would have assumed that he moved on with his life, and never think about him again, but since I know he died it suddenly made him real.  Does that make sense to anyone?