404 Unsolved Mysteries.


It’s a sad day indeed for nerds the world over.  Ricardo Montalban is Montalgone.  He was one of those actors that seemed ubiquitous.  Never disappearing for very long, and always present in our culture.  I mean, every time someone bests me in anything the first thing I am likely to do is clench my tiny fist and yell KAHN!  He was the perfect nemesis for James Kirk.  Just as over dramatic as his foe.  However, I think I’ll prefer to remember him as Armondo, from Escape From, and Conquest Of, The Planet Of The Apes; the kind circus owner who served as surrogate father to Caesar.

Strangely enough, I happened to receive the sixth season of Family Guy a few days before Ricardo Montalban died.  In the last episode of that season he plays a talking cow who helps Peter get revenge on a fast food chain.  Right after I finished watching that episode I browsed my regular net haunts, and found out he had passed.  Not the note I expected him to go out on…