405 See No Evil.


You know, I actually like Reggie.  Sure he’s a dick, but he’s not worse than the rest of the cast by orders of magnitude.  That being said, it was really fun to draw him injured…

A friend of mine gave me a cool Nerf gun just before Christmas.  It’s a clear version of the N Strike Maverick Rev – 6 with day glow orange highlights.  That particular model is my favorite of all the recent Nerf stuff.  I even have two of the same toy in the blue and yellow color scheme that you can’t buy anymore.  (I don’t have the bright yellow version, but if I had extra money to blow on such extravagances I would.  Just to complete the set…)

At any rate, I remembered someone telling me once that the blue/yellow Mavericks were actually valuable to collectors, so I went to Ebay to check it out. (Not that I would really part with one.)  What I found there amazed me.  There’s a whole subculture dedicated to modifying Nerf guns.  I guess it’s for cosplay, or things of that nature.  Some of the modifications were quite spectacular.  It was really neat.  You guys should check it out when you have some time to fritter away.  I wanted to try doing some modding myself until my rational mind ticked over and told me I didn’t have time for such fancies.

Well, okay, I have slightly modified my Mavericks, but not outwardly.  I made them so they would shoot farther, which the tag on the gun tells you not to do.  The thing is, I’m a loner Dotty.  A rebel.

A maverick, if you will.