1335 Yiff In Hell.


Yeah, I was pretty suck this morning. Some kind of weird ass flu that attacked my spine, making it excruciating to lay down while making it impossible not to. It was amazingly shitty. I’m still sore and tired, but I can sit in my chair, so That’s what I’m doing. I still want to lay down, but I’ve reached that point where you’ve been lying down so long that it comes back around on you and makes you feel even worse. I managed to avoid vomiting all day. It had nothing to work with since I woke up ill and I think that helped me win out faster. I would have been totally destroyed if I had been heaving all day. I’ll tell you this though, I really wish I had something to prop myself up on in this chair. XD

Since I’ve been under the weather today I don’t have much to report, but I would like to take a moment to than you all for stopping by. Even if you aren’t super dedicated I still appreciate people coming to read the comic. And those of you who are super dedicated, well I appreciate you even more. I very much look forward to your comments and am glad that you guys are almost always civil to one another. Without you all there wouldn’t be much point in me sticking with this thing, so thanks for last year and I hope you stick around for this one too. As for you patrons, you guys are the elite. You put your money on the line and I hope I can continue to improve your experience. I’m going to try and upgrade some stuff, so I hope you guys enjoy it when I get it done. You guys have really helped me get through these hard times with the Teen and everything. So, again, I thank you sincerely.