1334 Outnumbered.


Alexandria is that rarest of person who can sound official enough to command respect, even while wearing cat ears… Either that of Reggie is too shaken over the Maddison affair to be 100% on his game.

It occurs to me that now that I have a functional PS3 I could, potentially, play games online with people. I’m not one for that sort of thing, generally, but I’m at least open to the possibility. I don’t think any extra fees are required for Sony’s online stuff. Maybe an expert can clear that up for me. I also don’t really know what games have been available for the system as I basically quit paying attention when it came out and I knew I’d probably never have enough money to own a 360 AND a PS3. At this point I have access to the Teen’s sad library of games, a few that were given to me by a far too generous reader, and One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2, which I downloaded because it was on sale in the online store when I had my cousin’s old PS3 in working order. (I’m probably going to see if anyone wants the old one for parts. That’s about all it’s going to be good for unless someone just wants to use it for Netflix or online only features.)

I actually like Pirate Warriors. I assume that the gameplay will be more or less identical to Hyrule Warriors, which makes me more excited about that game than I was. I also borrowed Deadpool, which I played a little of when she was stuck, as you may recall. It’s a fun game for what it is. I’ve played a little of Uncharted, but it honestly didn’t grab me right out of the gate. Maybe it takes a while to bond with the cast? I know I’d like to try The Last Of Us, but even a used copy is , like, $20- so I can wait a little longer, I guess. Anyway, if any of you guys are PS3 user let me know. I think my username is BetweenFailures. I use it for everything. I don’t know if capitalization matter. Either way it’s probably some version of that. If you put your name thingy in the comments I can add you as a friend the next time I turn it on.

I was looking to see if any used copies of Skylanders Trap Team were available anyplace and read some reviews of it. Apparently it’s pretty broken. When you switch characters it freezes a lot of the time. That’s a pretty huge problem for a game that relies on switching characters constantly… It’s disappointing to find out, but hardly surprising. The further a series goes with Activision the more likely they are to get kind of loose with the quality control… I’m going to see if they have any intention of releasing a patch, since the 3DS is capable of letting you patch flaws. If not I may just give that version of the game a miss. It’s a shame though, the other handheld versions were better games than the console releases in some ways. At least up till Swap Force, when they added the jump mechanic into the main series.

On the Marth Amiibo front I have decided to contact a friend in Japan to see if he can find one for me there. Fire Emblem is way more popular there so his production run was larger. Apparently they are identical to their American counterparts internally. (There may be cosmetic differences, but if there are I’d probably prefer the Japanese version anyway…) Since Nintendo has made no statements about potentially doing a second run of the character, and people are price gouging after market so heavily, I figure it’s better to give money to someone I know than some dickhead who just wants to screw over genuine fans. I’ll likely pay just as much for the thing as if I just bought it on Ebay, but at least I won’t have contributed to the reinforcement of bad behavior.

As far as the rest of them go I’m seriously thinking about preordering any of them that I will want that will be shortpacked. Ike, for example. Shulk is also a Gmaestop exclusive, so I’m going to have to preorder at least one anyway. There may be shipping numbers out there someplace. If I get a chance I’ll take a look and see who will be important to lock down. I got lucky with the Wii Fit Trainer and Villager, since I got those on day one. Their after market value is climbing steadily. Samus, Fox, and Yoshi are also, surprisingly, selling out even in my location. We are swimming in Mario, Konky Dong, Peach, Kirby, and Link. Wave 2 has not shown up.

The Teen has a guest over. I think she’s staying for most of the break, so I’m just not going to bother her about posting anything. If she acts like she wants to I’ll let her, but I’m not going to make a thing out of it.