1336 Called It.


This is the first of the three pages I worked on while in the grips of this horrifying flu that’s ravaging the country. If things seem a bit off perhaps you can see fit to forgive me. I have never had a flu quite like this one. It attacked me in strange ways and left a parting shot, as it were, as it faded. My left leg turned beet red up to the knee, swelled about .5 its normal size, and has remained that way for most of the time since I overcame the illness. It also hurts. After a night of sleep I can hardly stand or walk. It seems to have inflamed my lower back on that side as well, where the leg connects to my hips and back. It abated briefly one day, but returned to its inflamed state after a night of sleep. So, I will be visiting a doctor at some point tomorrow. I suppose the flu allowed some other festering malignancy the foothold (Pun definitely intended) it needed to gain ground.
In passing I should mention that the dogs scratched my leg at various points while I was ill, and on the first night of being truly sick I injured said leg somehow, in my “sleep”. What woke me up was the quite unique pain of having my testicles twisted into my smallclothes quite forcefully. It is unlikely anyone will ever know the exact circumstances that led to me stumbling around a dark room, trying to free my family jewels from the Devil’s own Rubick’s Cube. Perhaps these events are unrelated, but it was at that point my leg became sore and started to swell.
The upside to all of this, assuming that I don’t die, is that it has finally put the fear of death into everyone around me. That fear is, apparently, the only force on earth that can stir my family to alter our ways. Telling people you feel like you’re going to die has much less effect than looking like you could. On balance I would rather it had not come to this, but silver linings.

I’m actually one page and a half down on the week. If I can stay awake for a little while after dinner I’ll try to at least get page 3 to an inked state. The coloring should not be too hard to get done on Monday. That said, it is mildly excruciating to sit in this char and try to work. Really though, there is no comfortable way to work at the moment. I might look in to switching chairs though. Maybe one with no arm rests would work better.