1337 Faux Paw.


I got out of the hospital this morning and finished this mostly finished page. Tomorrow I will complete the page for Friday. The week after that I will be running guest comics so I can rest and catch up my buffer. I can’t sit for as long at a time at the moment, so I need to do this… while apologizing profusely. So far the guest comics are really great. If I get 5 I’ll run them daily. For those of you who don’t know, I’ll give you the short version of the story. I went to the ER Sunday night with a weirdly swollen leg. It was suspected to have been caused by a blood clot, which can be fatal, so I was admitted to the hospital and put on total bed rest. “Bed rest” is a combination of words that require quotation fingers if ever I heard them. I did very little resting and a lot of waiting. I’ll give you the long version when I’m less tired but, long story short, not a blood clot after 3 days in hospital. So I’m basically fine. I have an infection that got in with the flu. In a few days I’ll be back to normal. For now I’m signing off. I hope you can forgive this lapse in quality control.

Corner of a teenage teen.
long time no talk people! I’ve begun school again which is not the most fun but it isn’t to terrible. first day of math class back to school my jerk teacher gives us homework and no class time to do it then I forgot my math book so I couldn’t do the homework. great way to start the semester off. In world history we’ve begun learning about the French revolution which I find pretty interesting, I find that the 2 upper estates definitely had it coming…maybe they didn’t deserve it but I mean come on no need to be dicks. anyways we have chosen our play for my drama class, it is called chasing charming and everybody seems to love it and its entertaining. I am playing the part of rose red (the sister of snow white) she is a little irritating and loves to tell stories, I think I can pull it off,so anyways it should be fun. the ex that wanted a break that I thought still wanted to be with me apparently doesn’t and is being a ass hat so I have given up on him and decided to stay away from boys for a bit and work on doing things for me. that doesn’t stop him from irritating me though, I kind of want to punch him in the face all the time. so that’s that, we started a new art project pastel chalk anything basically. I have chosen a abstract guitar with a rainbow background and its looking pretty well so far but I do hate chalk art pastel or not. I’m halfway done with it though so I wont have to suffer through the chalky mess much longer. other than that school is flying by, I can’t believe my sophomore year is half over already it’s crazy. As you all know Jackie was in the hospital for 3 days, I was pretty worried he might die I’m not going to lie. I lost sleep over it and it has just been miserable. Jackie’s last words to me before he left to the hospital were “jess if anything happens to me I just want you to know I hate you.” then he shut my bedroom door and left. although rude it was good to know he hadn’t lost his sense of humor. I’m happy to have him home now despite his occasional jerkiness. so that’s all for now folks goodnight! hope that Jackie continues getting better please!