1338 Catbatgirl.


Oh man, kids… What a series of days.

I can’t type as much as I would like, because it’s quite difficult to type from bed. I don’t even know where to start. It took all of the last two days to make this page. I’ve cobbled together a little drawing area around my bed, but it is significantly less conducive to art than my chair and desk. Still, I was able to do this, which is not my worst work. I can move around on my leg, but it hurts. I’ve tried to stay in bed as much as I can so the swelling will go down, but with no one around to help sometimes there is no other option. I should have bought a crutch when I was last at the store, but foolishly thought I would magically be fine in two days, or some shit. Not walking on the actual foot would probably have been better…

I’m not going to try and tell you about the ghost girl experience just yet, but don’t let me forget to once I’m at my normal keys.

Next week I’m running guest comics. I may run them every day depending on how many I get. A few already have been of exceptional quality, but I haven’t counted them. I’m having a hard time with organization without my regular work area. Be that as it may I think you guys will enjoy this forced break from the story. I wish it hadn’t come to this, but once I’m healed up everything should start falling back into a better place.

See you guys in the comments.

hello interwebs I’ve been attempting to help around the house by doing dishes and cooking and such because Jackie cant and my aunt was sick the last few days. Jackie’s foot looks a little less swollen and disgusting so that’s good I think. I finished a book today that was full of heart break and happiness, it hit me in all the feels. other than that school was decent, no homework which is the best. I finished my chalk art pastel project which turned out good I thought but Jackie says it’s only fine. I’m a bit offended I tried pretty hard on it…for some reason lately the topic of college has been on the air at school and I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to do and I’m leaning towards trying to be a police officer and maybe try to do writing as a side job and art. I’m still so indecisive but I really think I want to be a police officer. I’m incredibly tired after this first week back I haven’t slept worth crap lately so I am very much looking forward to sleeping in and catching up on my sleep schedule. Today my aunt was apparently feeling better because she drove to pueblo to return my broken water dancing speakers I got for Christmas and got me new ones. I was super excited and tried them out and they are awesome and colorful,2 of my favorite things. anyways I’m thinking its time for a little zombies and to watch a movie if Jackie’s up for it then its bed time for this teen. goodnight all