1549 Grist.


I always struggle with accepting that, or perhaps even understanding, that some people are not as smart as me. It was really frustrating when I was young when I would explain things and other people wouldn’t understand right away, and I had to explain multiple times. I always seemed to get to the meaning of things faster than everyone else and it frustrated me to have to wait. The only time this didn’t happen was when a subject required memorization. The times tables, for instance, too me forever to pass. They are what they are and you just have to know them. There’s no interpretation with them. They just are. I think that had a lot to do with why I never did well in math because you are expected, for some insane reason, to remember all the gears instead of understanding the machine of it. It put a mental block in me about the subject that I don’t really have now, but it’s too late for that to matter. In any event even that didn’t make me really understand that everybody has a different brain and people have to get things in their own time, in their own way. That didn’t really sink in until I was well into my 20s. I began to really grasp that intelligence is not easy to define. Of course now I know that science is grappling with the question of what intelligence is all the time, and schools are struggling to find some way to fairly assess the intelligence of diverse beings. All that said, stupid people are frustrating. I don’t think any child should be left behind, but they can ride in another car maybe.

I am terrible at service jobs. I don’t like dealing with people because as soon as they stop being cool I match their tone. The shittier they get the shittier I get. Being able to be a good waiter is a valuable skill that, for someone like me, is almost impossible to learn. If you get ketchup instead of mustard you don’t need to pitch a big baby fit, but a lot of people can’t seem to handle the imperfections of the world they live in. Scrape it off, ask for a bottle of mustard, and shut your bitch mouth.

I am a terrible waiter. I’d rather have a mop in my hand. A floor either is, or is not, clean. There’s not a lot of gray area you have to stumble around in. I like that. I can handle the solitude of mopping a floor for three hours. I have friends who can’t, but they can serve a table with a level of zeal that boggles my mind. Hungry people are shitty, and people in general are assholes. I can hardly stand to go out to eat with my extended family because it’s like they become sociopaths as soo as their asses hit a booth. My sister and I were expected to behave politely in situations like that, and apparently that did not happen in certain branches of my family tree. It seems like they just let the squirrels loose and they started attacking nuts left and right. Sometimes I wonder just how much spit some of my family members eat over the course of a year from being dicks in restaurants.

I’m rambling a bit here… What I’m saying is that everybody has their skills and weaknesses and we should respect that in each other. You can’t tell people to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and tell them the jobs they need to get to do that are worthless if you want the world to work. If you want your fucking Big Mac treat the person handing it to you like another human being who is just trying to get by the same as you. Consider that they may have a set of skills you don’t and are valuable in a way that is different to you, but not less than you.

But if they’re just idiots just do your best not to make their lives any worse than they already are…