1548 Arts And Craps.


Finally got to see Zootopia. Pretty great. I can see why the furries went absolutely apeshit for it. (Also animation enthusiasts) In a decade there’s gonna be so many kids that are sexually messed up over that movie. It’s also some of the best social commentary I’ve ever seen.

My allergies seem to be making my lymph glands in my neck get inflamed. It’s lame.

Oh hey, you know what I found out? Sometimes you can order specific parts from existing Lego sets. A lot of the minifig parts are sold out instantly, but it’s useful for possibly cobbling together a haunted mansion with replacement parts. I’ll have to change colors on some bits though, because they used some green that they don’t make anymore. I’ve got a lot of old parts that might work so I’ll see what I need one of these days. Since a lot of my gray bricks are two shades they don’t use anymore it should make the building look more ruined. They pretty much always make gray versions of a lot of parts so that’s likely what I’ll have to use regardless. The yewllowing on some of the old bricks is a little gross though. I’ve seen people say that you can treat them sometimes to return them to factory colors. I might try that. Although it will be tedious if it has to be done brick by brick… Anyway this is all just something to keep my brain busy when I need a break from drawing. Turning off that part of my brain in favor of building random stuff makes me feel refreshed.