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The other day I played the original Legend Of Zelda on Nintendo’s Switch online thing. It’s one of the few games I have much interest in playing for more than a few moments since it has a save and some rpg like progression. One of the things I like best about replaying LOZ is that you can upgrade yourself to the second sword and armor without ever setting foot in the first dungeon. It feels like cheating, which I enjoy. If you know where to look you can even get all the money you need without having to grind for it all. Eventually you get to a point where your power scales back to where it “should” be, but it makes the early dungeons much easier and the dangerous parts of the overworld much less so.

Nintendo has sold me LOZ, in essentially the exact same form, at least 4 times. Well, my mother bought me the original when I was little, so I guess subtract one. I got the GBA release that came at the end of that system’s life cycle. I got it again when they added it to the download shop for my 3DS, & now I have it on the Switch. (as long as I maintain a subscription at least…) It’s great to be able to repackage your work so it keeps being a source of income, but I would really like it if Nintendo made a special updated version. They didn’t do it for any of the anniversaries so far, but have released updates of several Mario games. I don’t know why Zelda gets no love on that front. (For the record, the GBA version of Super Mario Bros 2 is the best version, but you can’t get IT on the download shop, only the original version, which really sucks.)

Zelda has a weird history on the NES whereas Mario kept to its formula a lot more closely, maybe that has something to do with it…