362 Powerpoint.


Getting a book ready for print is very frustrating. I tried to plan ahead for making a book, but I just guessed at a lot of stuff. I guessed poorly a few times…

Anyway, let’s talk about the financial crisis for a second. Now I don’t know how to fix things, or who’s at fault. All I know is history, and I have a few questions:

If panic is what causes the stock market to crash then isn’t the constant deluge of doom-saying coming from our 24 hour newsbeasts making things worse?

Shouldn’t a smart person, that people trust, be telling the masses that everything is going to be okay?

Who would that person be?

Could it be Tom Hanks?

Could it be Optimus Prime?

Readers, you’ve proven to me, time and again, that you are very knowledgeable. Please explain these things to me in a way that a simple artist can understand.