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As far as I know there is no town in Kansas named Drywater.  Honestly though, if someone showed me that such a place did exist, I wouldn’t be surprised.  I’m sure it holds true for all of America, and maybe even the world, but there’s always some joker that thinks he’s gonna go out, found a town, and get cute with the name. 

Kansas is actually pretty good about being reasonable with naming things.  One of my favorite town names is Coffeyville.  The infamous Dalton gang made the mistake of starting trouble there way back in the day and were served a heaping helping of doom.  I like to think that the citizenry was all twitchy from drinking coffee all the time, and when shit started going down they were ready.

There is a town called Edwardsville, and one called Lincolnville, but that would have been too hokey to use…  even for me.