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She just can’t help herself.

I have a modded Gameboy Advance. It’s backlit. Lack of backlighting was really the only flaw with the thing when it was originally produced. In my opinion the design of the GBA is the best version of the game boy in terms of ergonomics. It fit my hands quite well and the button placement was much better for most games that used shoulder buttons. I use it mostly for when I need a few minutes of something to do and am sick of looking at my phone. I could use my 3ds, but Nintendo, and other companies, won’t sell their fucking software to me on their download shop. I don’t want to play handheld games on the goddamn WiiU. For a company that hated piracy it’s insane how much Nintendo drives users to it. If I could find a decent flash cart for the GBA that would hold my entire library of games I would buy it. At this point I’m so frustrated with Nintendo dragging their feet that I have very little pity for then as far as lost revenue is concerned.

Anyway, I can’t find my copy of Tetris for the Gameboy. I know I have one, but I’ve stored it someplace and forgotten where. That caused me to learn about a game called Tetris DX. It looks like a very minor upgrade to the original Tetris, which is my favorite version. Unfortunately it has battery backup, so you have to find one with a working battery, or replace it. it’s not a super expensive game second hand, but there is that tiny issue. I know the batteries don’t last super long since all my old games that have them have stopped saving.