354 Why Did You Take Me To A Gay Steel Mill?


Okay, for the record, I use a Windows machine and I’ve never had any real problems with it, or the long line of them from the before times.  I manage to cobble together my art without the alleged magic contained within a Mac.  I don’t hate Macs.  I’m not the kind of person who is unreasonably loyal to brand.  If I could afford a Mac I’d consider owning one, but I can’t wander into a nearby store and get one.  I’d have to find a Sherpa, and mount an expedition.  Things have gone fine with my PCs, and will have to continue going fine well into the foreseeable future. 

Why bring any of this up?  Microsoft’s latest operating system, Vista, sucks.  They’ve been scrambling to make it not suck for some time now.  Knowing what I do about how Microsoft works, I realize that the chance is very low that their countermeasures will succeed.  Vista will most likely continue to suck right up to, and past, the moment that windows users are forced to upgrade.   

The latest attempt to stem the tide of negative press is a series of commercials wherein people are fooled into trying Vista by renaming it Mojave.  The codename must have been chosen because the long term effects of using Vista are like those a person would experience if left in a desert, presumably to die.  Much like a taste test challenge, people are surprised by how slick Vista seems.  “You mean I’ve been drinking Vista all along?  Hahahahaha!”  Jolly times are had by all.  I don’t doubt that in the short term Vista is probably neat.  The devil, however, is in the details.  Details like my scanner, printer, and God knows what else won’t work with Vista.  I didn’t upgrade to Vista, partly due to the cost, and partly due to the fact that even my Microsoft keyboard was not guaranteed to function under Vista’s rule. 

Once the press has gotten so bad that the only way to get people to even look at your product is to engeneer an elaborate ruse, you have failed.  Sure the windows “Mojave” commercials are cute at first, but if you take a second to realize the desperation that would lead to such a move, then it begins to seem pathetic.