580 Title Shot.


Today I got my two Jiraichi Pokemon from a relatively nearby Gamestop.  I already have the special Pichu from earlier on, as those of you who follow my insane twitter ramblings will know.  I have no use for either of these Pokemon, but they were free and I didn’t have to actually enter the store to get them, so that was good.

I am far too excited about a new Pokemon game.  I know it will be just like every other Pokemon game, in every important respect, but still I am filled with childlike glee.  I’m also thrilled that the Pokewalker gadget is included.  Walking is boring as hell at the best of times, but getting game stuff for doing something good for me is enticing.

I’m doubly pleased by this release because I now know other comic type making peoples who are as poketarded as I am.  At some point battles will be waged.  Sad, pathetic, battles between nerds.  Nerding it out like only nerds can.  The epic struggles of my people.  XD

When I was a kid everyone thought I was advanced for my age.  Now they think I’m childish and odd.  It seems like I just knew who I was quicker and stuck with it.  At this point it’s far too late for a rebranding, so I may as well enjoy being me the way I am.