1867 Give Peace A Chance.


These two have grown up a little in their own ways. A little give from Carol will probably allow them to become collogues at work at least.

I’ve been feeling sick all day today, but I’m not sure why. Maybe I slept wrong, or not enough, or too much, or maybe it’s some other thing. Everything has the same symptoms, plus my body doesn’t do things the way I expect it to anymore. Like, I can’t tell when I’m sick because I need to eat something because the feeling I get when I do sometimes makes me not want to eat. It also seems like tension can cause me to feel bad without giving me any indications that it’s the culprit. Like my shoulders will be incredibly tense, but they don’t hurt, so unless I touch one & realize it’s stuck rock solid I’m not aware of it. My best guess right now is that I have a pinched nerve in my back, but I can’t get it to release, so it’s making me sick to my stomach even though I should probably eat something. Usually it happens in conjunction with a headache, but it’s starting to happen without them, which I guess is an improvement. I can at least think clearly. At least what passes for clear thinking these days. Sometimes just having dry eyes from allergies makes me feel sick. Well, it’s not dryness exactly. It’s more like there’s something in the fluid on them that needs to be washed away, but it makes them feel dry. I got some medicine for it, but sometimes it gives me a massive headache, so it’s a choice of evils. (The bottle says not to use it if that happens, so I pretty much don’t now that it seems to be the cause of the headache instead of some other thing.)

I’ve been exercising and it has helped with some of my sleep problems. I don’t usually fold myself in half along my sternum if I fall all the way to sleep anymore. It’s helped build the strength in my arms back up too. So, there’s improvement in some ways at least. My legs are kind of weak at the moment since I don’t walk as much as I used to, but if I get back in to doing that I expect they’ll adapt. My calves are stronger now that they bad leg has nearly healed. I can stand on my toes, or walk quietly on them again, which I couldn’t do very well for a very long time.