1866 Transfer Of Power.


Carol and Reggie are similar in some ways, which has always been why I’ve written them as antagonistic to each other. They are arrogant, think they are smarter than other people, and kind of enjoy being mean. Which is generally caused by a lack of true confidence. Even so, I love them both. I have kind of a mean sense of humor. I don’t know why, but I do. At the same time I like John’s casual style and willingness to accept his own faults. In many ways he’s the most mature of the cast, but offsets that with being flirtatious and making bad choices in his personal life. That’s the duality of all humans. A mix of strengths and weaknesses. I think that sometimes it’s easier to love someone because of their faults than their strengths.

The Civil Rights Act Of 1866 was passed, you guessed it, in 1866. Andrew Johnson attempted to veto the bill, but congress overrode the veto. It’s an important and interesting piece of legislation if you want to look it up.