1766 Experience.


A lot of good things come from the children of the very wealthy ruining their families with their stupidity. Public parks, museums, all kinds of things. Each successive generation of most wealthy families are worst than the last. Until, eventually, they are broken. It’s pretty rare for someone who is a genius in some way that makes them wealthy to have a child that can do the same thing, or maintain an empire. Parents who can make money tend not to be able to pass on those skills because the kind of personality that can will themselves to succeed resists transfer of knowledge. They’re controlling and selfish in a lot of ways.
I’ve read a lot of stories about the children of very wealthy parents. The parents had to fight for everything but ignored their children essentially, or abused them, browbeat them in an attempt to make clones of themselves. It turns out badly most of the time. Of course some dynasties do survive because the family is structured in such a way that the problems that cause failure don’t happen. The heads of them are capable of appraising their children properly and understand them. It’s so rare historically, but not so much so that it hasn’t happened even in recent times.
Reggie & Victoria’s parents are at least trying to give their kids the tools to succeed. Of the two it seems like Victoria is taking to the teaching better, but Reggie has his strengths and is learning. The hows and whys of all of that have yet to be revealed, but someday I’m sure I’ll get to it all.