1643 Acceptance.


I finally pulled the trigger on a 30 day audible trial. My first two books were Game Of Thrones book one, and Ahsoka. GOT was better than the show in some ways. I like the more fully described world. It’s weird how all the characters are about a decade younger than in the show, but I understand the logic of it. I listened to it too fast though. So now I really want to hear the next one and have to wait.
The Star Wars book is narrated by the lady who voices Ahsoka in all the shows, which is great. It’s canonical, and explains what happens to Rex and Ahsoka when order 66 happens. Or that’s what I understand it to be at least. I haven’t started it because it’s so tonally different and I’m still in the GOT mindset. I should really watch the last few episodes of Clone wars and then start it so it flows into it more.
I listened to about a paragraph and instantly knew it was going to feel jarring going from one to the other. Even in that really short sample it has the feel of most Star Wars media. Especially the serial stuff. It reminded me of the opening of the Clone Wars movie, which isn’t necessarily a good thing, but I expect it will settle in to being fine.
I really loved the Clone Wars cartoon. It did a lot to make me able to enjoy Star Wars again after the prequels. They didn’t totally sour me on the franchise, but there’s no point in pretending that they didn’t do damage. Clone wars filled in the gaps especially in Anakin that George Lucas never bothered with. The fact of the matter is that the Clone Wars writers understand emotions whereas Lucas doesn’t really seem to. His writing really has the feel of someone trying to ape human emotions but not really understanding them. I wonder if he has some kind of condition…
In some ways the way Lucas writes is the polar opposite of the way I do, because I obsess over the choice of words for each character so that they each have their own voices. I try to write dialogue that sounds like what I hear.
I think that part of what makes the post Lucas Star Wars movies not feel exactly right is that the writer’s voices are too strong. Especially episode 7. The cartoon manages to ride the line better. It’s like a little tweak to the style that fixes the inhuman sound of things.
I don’t think Lucas really understood what he created. In retrospect I think he lucked into a lot of stuff and his legend carried him along for decades until he stepped too far out of the shadows and took control a little too much. At some point he started believing his own myth and that was his downfall. Critically at least, because he was still making insane levels of money after the prequels. Even though people have spent years complaining about them they kept buying the stuff.
My favorite Star Wars things are the first 3, clone wars, rebels, and the KOTOR games. I really want them to make a movie of that first game. I know they can’t make one as good as playing the game however you want, but it’s so good. I liked the second game too, but it’s not quite as good.
Anyway, I’m tired of thinking about Star Wars suddenly. I’ve watched about a million hours of videos about why George Lucas is, or isn’t, a hack with no actual talent that lucked into his success.

Actually, let me tell you one of my brother in law’s stories.
He’s a cop and one day one of his friends pulls a guy over for speeding in Wichita, Kansas.
He’s writing the ticket and the dude is like “Do you know who I am?”
“No” he replies.
“I’m Frank Oz.” Says he.
“I don’t know the name.”
“You ever see Star Wars? I’m Yoda.”
“He’s in the trunk, you wanna see?”
And true to his word Frank Oz produces the original Yoda puppet. They let him keep one of them. He travels to visit his grandkids in Kansas and takes his puppets with him. So my brother in law’s friend calls him and tells him to get his ass over there because he knows he loves Star Wars. So they stand there talking to Frank Oz for a while and eventually let him go with a warning because a ticket you cannot to Yoda give.

Teen Corner
Hello web comic world it’s been awhile so I figured I would say hello and catch you up on my crazy senior year. My first semester of college classes (comp. I, government and speech) went well I got all A’s and B’s. I felt pretty accomplished. I have a new boyfriend. Jackie doesn’t like him all that much I don’t think but he doesn’t like anyone soooo yeah. He’s a pain most the time but he’s tolerable. He got me 2 rings and a necklace for Christmas along with a shopping trip,lunch and a movie. We saw rogue one and it was enjoyable. Christmas break was good I received a new lap top from Santa along with other various awesome things. Jackie got me a pretty ring, a soft blanket and some other things I can’t really remember. The family clashed with one another as per usual which you may have already heard about through Jackie. I stayed with my brother for about a week of Christmas break and we managed to not fight so success although he did almost drop a giant heavy hay bail on me so maybe he was plotting to kill me and that was just a failed attempt. Second semester of college classes and regular high school classes are dragging by but going okay. My college classes are comp II, psychology and geography. I’m currently not doing so hot in psychology due to the fact that I failed the first 2 quizzes we had. I am slowly but surely making up for that. The others classes are good but seem to be going by oh so slow. I know I’m supposed to enjoy the remainder of my high school career but senioritis  (which I never believed in until now) is kicking my butt. There has been tons and tons of drama this semester. There was an incident where 2 varsity players got kicked off the basketball team for fighting and drinking and that has been the talk of the school for at least a week. Our basketball team doesn’t seem to be suffering though. I’ve been working with clay lately and I’m not by any means the greatest but I’ve made some pretty flowers here and there. I’m enjoying working and playing with it. I’ve also been attempting to do scholarships which is the most annoying thing in the world to me. Searching for ones you qualify for and essays and such. Not fun but I do enjoy free money so I’ll have to bare it. My drama class has chosen out next play Cinderella. Over done I know but this version is different much more comedy and I’m excited about it. I have auditions tomorrow and I’m trying out for the evil stepsister who’s name is…murkatrina. Awful right? It’s hilarious though. If I don’t get that part I’d like to get the step mother or Cinderella herself. So wish me luck! Last but not least update I have decided to lose weight and get my fat butt into shape. This time I’m going to stick to it. It’s only been three days since I decide this but I’ve been walking on the treadmill every day and every morning give started doing 20 sits up,40 crunches, 10 push ups, 20 squats and 20 lunges. I’m starting slow and working my way up. My body is already unhappy with me for this decision. My legs are so sore I can hardly sit down or bend at all and once I do I can’t hardly make myself stand up. Along with the small workouts I’m attempting to improve my eating habits. I’m drinking at least 64 oz of water everyday. I’m going to cut out pop for the most part maybe one a week or less. More vegetables meaning I’m going to force myself to eat all the things I despise and more fruit which I don’t mind at all. Also way less junk food and unnecessary snacking. Hopefully I will make progress and really be able to stick to this. Wish me luck I’ll try to update some more here and there. Goodbye all!