1765 Wealth.


It’s been a busy weekend for this cub. I’ve been hammering out pages for an anthology submission in addition to the regular pages. My allergies are really giving me the business though. It’s terrible today. My ears are actually oozing oil and itchy. That’s a rare one even for me. It’s yucky. Me no likey.

The keyboard for my Surface came apart the other day and I finally got some glue that would fix it today. It bonded a little too fast actually. I put it together the other way around. So I had to pry it apart and fix it. I think it’s all sorted now though.

Anyway, this will be up for Halloween. Here’s a little extra art I did. I posted it on social media but some of you don’t use any of them so here it is again. Anyway, I hope you have a fun time, or whatever.