1764 They’ll Hear You…


Maddison is not shamed about what she enjoys… not even slightly creepy robots in a kid’s restaurant. Evrina not so much.

I don’t find animatronics creepy unless I look at them for a long time, or the lighting is really low. Its weird how context like that can change your emotional response.

I had this weird dream about traveling in a really small, one person, car type thing. It was basically a scaled down car that worked exactly like a regular one. I went to a restaurant but when I was in the bathroom a family took my table. I had decided I didn’t want to eat there, so I just took my stuff and got in my little car, but then some guy recognized me. He started telling people about me, but not about the comic. It was other stuff I’ve done, but I couldn’t see why he would care and he was a little off putting. All I could think to do was drive my tiny car away after telling everyone to visit the website if they wanted to see what I was doing now. Then I went to McDonald’s which was the high point and end of the dream.

I really want that tiny car though. It was small enough to drive indoors if you had a decent sized room. I drove it inside the restaurant as I left it… So fun.