1732 Bask.


If you saw this the day it was first posted you will maybe remember a slight difference in the dialogue. Originally Alex didn’t attribute the quote because I didn’t think I could get the text to fit the space I was going to have. Since I fit the text first I only have a vsague idea of how much space I’ll need and tend to budget sparingly. After I had the sketch worked out I had the space after all but by that time I was too tired to think much about it, and the quotation is so often used by me that I assumed that everyone would know who said it. That is, of course, ridiculous. In any case people kept mentioning it to me, surprisingly, so I went back and fixed it. Honestly I could have done it and most people would just think they misremembered it, but I decided to make this little note so those few who clearly remember the first version wont think they are going crazy.

Man, what is there to talk about… I went ahead and downloaded the audiobook of Logan’s Run. I have to say, it’s kind of a mess in some ways. I understand fully why the movie deviates so much from the text. There’s a lot that doesn’t makes sense in the book that is shored up or ignored in the movie. The book is very much a product of its time, as is the film, but the film works better today in comparison. It seems more futuristic so it is more timeless than the book. The guns Sandmen use, for example, are pearl handled revolvers in the book. Six guns. It seems out of place in the sort of futuristic premise. I’m glad that I listened to it because it’s interesting to see how it was adapted to the screen.

I managed to reach S rank in Rainmaker in Splatoon 2. After I switched to a wired connection I stopped having the lag I was getting so much before and when I shot at something I actually hit it instead of some kind of ghost image. I almost got past S rank but had 3 bad matches in a row and got knocked down to the saved rank line. The other modes I’m in the A levels, but I don’t like them a well.

I also really like the zombie mode, but you can’t choose weapons and sometimes they choose such shitty combinations its impossible to cover anyone. The Salmon Run mode is so close to being great, but Nintendo’s insanity keeps it from getting there.