1733 So You Say.


Due to various interruptions to my schedule I was working on this page almost right up until post time. My sleep got so totally disturbed that I’m barely functional right now. I seem to have popped that spot on my ribcage out again and it hurts too. Also after several days of my allergies not bothering me quite so badly today it’s like they came back for vengeance. A lot of bullshit all at once. I prefer it spread out.

I wonder if part of the problem with my eyes being so dry is maybe that I need to get new glasses. I’m functionally blind to text in my right eye that isn’t less than a foot from my face. Honestly I need to take care of my eyes most of all because they are as crutial to my success as my hands. I kind of thought science would have come up with some better fixes by now but once again it has failed me. Maybe that’s just what happens in a culture that fundamentally hates science for, oh, 3 decades…