1185 Better Angel.


The other day I was looking around on Amazon and it suggested a Transformer toy as something I might like. I thought to myself “Yeah, maybe, if I didn’t already have it.” Then I wondered where it was… Then I wondered if I actually did have it… Then I got weirded out. I have memories of buying the thing, messing with it, but nothing after that. I looked around and as far as I can tell I DON’T actually have the item in question. I can’t prove it for sure, because I would have got it around the time I moved my workstation. It’s possible I misplaced it, but as far as I can tell I never actually had this thing. The thing is though, where did the memories come from? Vivid memories of something I probably never did are in my head. Are they bits of a dream? I just don’t know. It’s not driving me crazy or anything, it just disturbs me that this little bit of erroneous data is bouncing around my brain…

I started watching Parks & Rec a while back. It didn’t grab me to be honest. It was okay, but seemed to be lacking something. In spite of this I went ahead and started watching season 2 on Netflix. It still wasn’t grabbing me. I was about to chalk the show up to just not being my thing, but at the very end of an episode there was a little moment that made me give it one last chance. The episodes that followed won me over. It was like they finally found the missing piece that made the show come alive. It’s really surprising that it got as far as it did though. Usually a show with such a slow start just fades into nothing and that’s all there is to it. Apparently they just filmed their 100th show, so I guess it pays to stick with things sometimes. Maybe someday I’ll find the thing that makes everyone realize my work is cyber awesome too.

I’ve decided to get back to reading One Piece again. Nobody around here carries it, so I’m just picking up the new volumes and the ones I missed as best I can. I’ve essentially written off Bleach at this point. It feels like it should have ended and now it’s just Dragonballing itself into mediocrity. Which is really a shame because it seemed so different when it started, like it had something to say. I’m hoping that Naruto wraps up before too long. The latest story has a feeling of being the end. I’m afraid if it goes on after that it’s going to end up like Bleach. I used to think that Japan’s comic industry was different from America’s, and it is, but not as much as I thought when I first started being interested in it. It seems like the people in charge are also reluctant to let a story end, even when it’s said everything it has to say, as long as people are still buying it. Which is fine and they have every right to do with their property what they will. I just hope they never fall prey to the zombification that happens with superhero books. Going on and on forever, never knowing the sweet embrace of finality.

I dunno. I don’t mind that people want to keep revisiting old ideas, but it seems like maybe they need to have a clean break after every resurrection. Or cleaner than they have been anyway.