1731 Sweet Style.


Well, the new parts for my c-pap certainly helped it smell better if nothing else. I kept all the old bits pretty clean, but over time all the bits started to take on the permanent smell of soap and water. Clean, but not the clean of brand new things. I expect the filter helped too. I didn’t use the fancy hose because I really don’t need to, but I have it just in case. I’ve got enough new parts to keep me good for quite some time if they last as long as the last set. We’re gonna find an electrician to finally look in to the power situation, but I don’t know how that’s going to go since the locals tends to be shitty at everything in addition to being thieves and scoundrels. But maybe there’s a good electrician around. In any case it’s probably going to be expensive. Less expensive than the house burning down though…

I went to the store today for the first time in forever thinking that it would be cooler since the storms have made it a little less hot a couple of times, but I was wrong. It was hot and Walmart no longer is willing to spend money on keeping their giant boxes comfortable since they are slowly dying from mismanagement. I still managed to stay inside for a pretty long time, but I wanted to get a wired internet adapter for my switch and had to wait for an associate. It was a long enough wait that by the time I got it paid for I was skirting the edge of passing out. My heart rate was getting super high and the tunnel vision was starting by the time I made it to the truck. I got it started and the AC going and managed to stay conscious. I’m well enough now that I can recover from overheating in about an hour, but I still want to go to sleep afterwards just because it’s emotionally and physically draining. I wasn’t able to though because of the storm. It started with tornado warnings so you need to stay up and alert. there’s virtually no early warning system out here so if it sneaks up on you, you just die and that’s it. I was just about to take the garbage out when it hit. I didn’t want it to get scattered by the wind all over the yard, but the storm came up so fast I couldn’t get it to my truck. I had to leave it on the ground outside the fence. It came on so fast the whole side of me was soaked through in seconds.
I’l have to go and pick it up after it stops raining or the wild things will tear the bags open and make a huge mess.