1028 I’m A Delivery Boy.


The other day Adobe decided to give away Photoshop CS2. I’ve been using CS for… I don’t know how long. It was relatively stable on my older system, but less so on the new one, so I decided to at least try 2. It’s more or less the same program, but stable. So far the crash glitches in CS are not present in 2, which is good. It’s also a little faster. There are some strange changes to the names of things that I don’t see the point of, but I was able to recreate my art settings after going online and looking up how to do it. It’s a good thing too because the new downloads of my coloring plugin are $100 apiece now. I understand the desire to be compensated for your work, but damn. I’ll keep these old janky versions for now… Photoshop CS is very similar to Elements 3, which is what I started with. I tried to upgrade to 5, but ended up deleting it because they made it straigh photo editing software basically. Like those bullshit greeting card creator programs that were all the rage in the 90s. It was basically unusable for me. I came upon CS by chance essentially. It had a few more features that I learned to use, but was basically the same, so no learning cure to speak of. I’m sure I spoke of it at the time though… Anyway, like I said, CS2 is virtually identical, so now that it’s sorted things can go along as normal, but slightly better. The main problem with CS was that it didn’t understand multiple proccessors. It would crash while trying to do very specific actions. Actions that I did a lot. It was a crap shoot. It would go for weeks just fine, then one day it would pitch a fit and not work for a while. The reasons for the trouble were beyond me, and I hope I never need think of them again.

There’s actually a selection of free old software on adobe’s site now. I’m not sure what the various functions of them all are, but I might try them just to see.