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One of my cousins is getting married this weekend. It’s many hours away so I’m looking after the pets. I think this leaves me, the Teen, & her sister as the only unmarried grandchildren of my grandparents. It’s very likely it will end up as just me & the teen’s sister. Of the tree of us only the Teen has a personality that people can tolerate for more than a day. Although her sister is a girl, so she has that going for her. She’s had at least one relationship in the past 5 years, even if he wasn’t top shelf. Credit where it’s due.

The advantage with me as a prospective mate is that I’m exactly as terrible as I seem. There aren’t many layers of awful to uncover. It’s all within the first 3 or so. You don’t need to delve. In fact, I might even be a slightly better person under the crust. Regardless you’re gonna know if you can stand me in seconds. For me regular life dating is as fast as a phone app. Just swipe on by, babe. You don’t need to linger on this one.