1727 Manly Men Doing Manly Things.


I just want to talk about something in Splatoon 2. There is a sub weapon that is a little robot bomb that follows whoever is closest to it. As far as I can tell you can’t shoot them. You have to run away. If you have a weapon that isn’t very mobile they are extremely hard to escape. I just unlocked a ranged weapon that has them and I seriously spent several matches spamming the little bastards. I wish you could throw three at a time. I’d just throw them forever and never shoot again. They aren’t even super effective, but they are SOOOOOOOO annoying. I can’t stop laughing as I fling exploding minions at people. I actually changed my armor so I could throw two at a time.

Now that the servers are segregated I keep seeing familiar usernames, which is fine, but that means people can tell what a terrible player/person I am. Since I don’t play with friends it’s all random teams, so if it’s clear that the team isn’t going to come together I lose all interest in the battle and just want the timer to run down so I can get a new group. In turf war who cares? It’s in the ranked battles where that’s a pretty dick move because you can lose rank points. I accept that aspect of my personality.