399 That’s Gonna Leave A Mark.


I had this dream where I was being pursued by witches.  They weren’t Salem style granola witches, or Wizard Of Oz witches, but serious Wallstreet style witches.  Like, if you got between them and their goal they would magic the shit out of you…  by removing your organs with magic. 

Anyway, I don’t know why they hated me, but I ended up at this safehouse where they couldn’t detect me easily.  So it was kind of Diary Of Anne Frank except the Nazis were witches, and I wasn’t a young girl.  The safehouse had a neat magic trunk that you could open different ways.  Depending on how you opened it the contents would be different.  There were lots of interesting things to do, and when the witches finally found me I escaped again by using the box to warp to another location.  I assume it acted like a doorway, but for all I know I might have been in a world contained within the box.  I woke up before I had a chance to find out.