1728 Piggyfront.


Ed is not a smooth operator. From a utilitarian perspective a piggyfront would not be an efficient way to carry a person. Humans are better constructed to carrying things on their backs, but really a piggyfront isn’t supposed to be efficient. It’s for when you don’t want to go anywhere. It’s for coming rather than going.

The Teen came over today and I talked her in to getting water for the house since, as you may recall, the water from the taps in this area is carcinogenic. She intended to mow the lawn but was unable to do so today after all. I also bought her some pants for work since she hasn’t built up any savings for such things as of yet. But she’s already been promoted so she’s on track for that sort of thing hopefully. A little help is fine I think.

There’s nothing else going on apart from that except one of the dogs seems to be a little sick. Hopefully it’s not serious, but she’s under observation…